Maximise the potential of your ERP Solutions delivery

The implementation of ERP Solutions can be challenging for even the most experienced of your organisation's Programme and Project Managers.

Engaging Azureus as your implementation partner ensures you are working with a consultancy with extensive ERP implementation expertise gained over 20 years of working with both public and private sector organisations.

Azureus will work with you to plan and implement your ERP solution, helping you to deliver your project on time and on budget, ensuring your organisation maximises the return on its investment.

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Successful delivery is based on the realisation of the business vision for the future; without this vision, the process of delivery becomes simply one of changing systems without being able to quantify the benefits. These benefits need to be clearly defined at Senior Management/Board level and form part the Project Initiation Document.

This ensures that a common understanding is agreed between the senior management team and communicated to the organisation, outlining the high-level targeted improvements the organisation is seeking to make, typically against specific performance goals.

Having identified the target objectives, and organisational blueprint, consider the rate and timing of the change in further detail, and the major stages of change or transition states through which the organisation must move. The blueprint provides further detail into the communications elements of the change for staff, management, and affected business areas. The strategy to introduce benefits management, where required, is also typically introduced at this stage.

Critically, the blueprint stage also considers accountabilities for governance of the change programme, ensuring that the senior management team understands and allocates provisional accountability for managing the change programme that is about to be defined.

This stage represents the detailed planning component of the framework. It takes as input the agreed vision and blueprint, the requirements of the Target Operating Model, and structures the change into a form that can be used to define and subsequently manage the change programme. Accountabilities for delivery are also identified, agreed and communicated at this stage, as is the communications and engagement approach for staff and management.

The programme plan is also used to manage specific areas such as changes within business processes or organisational development.

This stage utilises the programme planning material produced to establish robust disciplines to manage the change.

This stage also ensures that governance of the programme is fully operational, that appropriate management meetings and agendas are in place, and that accountabilities for delivery are recognised. This ensures that progress and corrective actions are reported and managed by appropriate leaders, supported by the Programme Management Office (see below).

This final stage, often initiated at the time the change programme is defined, ensures that the outcomes and benefits to be delivered by the change have appropriate measurements established, and that a line of sight around the achievement of strategic objectives is maintained at all times. Where required, this stage is also used as a vehicle to help introduce benefits management into the organisation.

We Deliver Solutions

Our understanding of your business, people, and requirements allows us to deliver solutions catered to your needs.

Azureus works with people at every level to ensure that our solutions deliver what you actually need for the whole organisation.

Azureus will utilise the depth of its experience in understanding your business needs and help shape your detailed requirements in order to deliver apt solutions.

Azureus develops the best solutions that will benefit your business with our expertise and knowledge.

Azureus designs, tests & delivers solutions accompanied by a robust suite of documentation, specifications and unit test scripts.