Realise the full potential of your Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Azureus was formed with a mission in mind: to ensure its customers realise the benefits of their investment in ERP through high quality, efficient and practical solutions. We believe that our expertise in this area is second to none.

We will work with you to understand your requirements and your priorities and often recommend packaging the delivery of solutions for your issues into bite-size chunks, based upon the priorities determined as part of the requirements gathering. The most obvious criteria for the first wave being:

Quick Wins, which can deliver significant impact for the user community with relatively little cost, for instance those issues causing your teams significant manual intervention.

The deployment of solutions for the remainder of your issues can then follow in several waves, ensuring the momentum of deployment is maintained and visible to your end users/stakeholders.

Azureus'ability to innovate allows us to provide first class solutions to your business issues.

We Deliver Solutions

Our understanding of your business, people, and requirements allows us to deliver solutions catered to your needs.

Azureus understands your business model, your organisational aspirations, structure and working practices.

Azureus works with people at every level to ensure that our solutions deliver what you actually need for the whole organisation.

Azureus will utilise the depth of its experience in understanding your business needs and help shape your detailed requirements in order to deliver apt solutions.

Azureus develops the best solutions that will benefit your business with our expertise and knowledge.

Azureus designs, tests & delivers solutions accompanied by a robust suite of documentation, specifications and unit test scripts.